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Our mission is to create value in, and for the people we serve.

Welcome to Threaded Fasteners Inc.

We specialize in the manufacturing, custom packaging and distribution of high quality steel fasteners including tower and electric utility bolts, anchor bolts, A325 structural bolts, A394 tower bolts, nuts, washers and more. If we do not have your requested item, our Custom Manufactured Parts division will respond quickly by creating the materials you need to get the job done.

With over 200 dedicated employee owners, Threaded Fasteners, Inc., maintains $9 million worth of inventory across twelve distribution warehouses, from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, and Texas to meet the global needs of our customers from industries including power generating utilities, chemical and electrical, commercial marine construction, stainless steel fabricators, metal building manufacturers and Department of Transportation (DOT) fabricators.

TFI Acquires Threading Machine Manufacturer RTC Threaders

Threaded Fasteners, Inc. has acquired RTC Threaders, the premier manufacturer of planetary threading equipment in the US.

“We are thrilled to have Rick and the RTC team join the TFI Family, I have had the privilege getting to know Rick Pease over the past few months and I was not only immediately impressed with the quality of the machines that he designed, but most importantly the quality of his character,” says Billy Duren (TFI President).

RTC Threaders will continue operations at their Churubusco, Indiana facility. For more information, read our press release by clicking learn more or visit

Threaded Fasteners, Inc. Opens Location In Meridian, MS

Threaded Fasteners, Inc. has acquired Construction Fasteners of Meridian, Mississippi. The acquisition joins Construction Fasteners sales and distribution team with Threaded Fasteners, Inc., expanding its’ reach to better serve the greater Mississippi market.

Construction Fastener Owner and Founder Craig Melancon said “There may be a new name on our building, but the old faces will still be here! This has been such a seamless experience for us. We feel so fortunate in having this opportunity to join a company team that is customer driven, cost efficient, community supportive and especially faith based.”

In the News

The EO Podcast interviewed TFI President, Billy Duren, to discuss the importance of incorporating the Employee Stock Ownership Plan within Threaded Fasteners as a company. 

Billy also spoke on the significance of servant leadership and how TFI manages to use their mission, “To create value in and for the people we serve”, in their day-to-day processes and language. 

“Until you really become a servant leader, which is ladder holding instead of ladder climbing, that is the difference between a genuine servant leader. When you hold the ladder for other people to climb, instead of being constantly focused on climbing it yourself, that’s when that transition comes in. When you can help others go forward… that’s the most gratifying peace of leadership.” -Billy Duren

Listen to the podcast below! 

Threaded Fasteners Company Video

Letter from the President

June, 23, 2021

This morning on my drive into work, I was listening to a Podcast on Creative Thinking.  When I was growing up, I’d often hear my grandmother say, “well, you know what they say,” when referring to some corrective measure she was about to send my way.  I would reply every time with, “Mamma, who are THEY?”  Not sure if that was creative or sarcastic; however, when we challenge our casual, but ingrained comments and thoughts, we are changing the way we think.  Ever wondered why we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?  Just a thought.